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DSM launched arnitelvt thermoplastic copolyester to serve the medical industry

surgical clothing and protective medical clothing must make a special balance between safety and comfort, but this happens to be impossible with traditional technology. At npe2015, DSM will exhibit its arnitelvt thermoplastic copolyester, which can shield bacteria and viruses like an iron shell without inconveniencing medical staff

"polyurethane based microporous medical clothes really" want to realize the industrialization and comfort of polyamine, but can't guarantee 100% shielding of bacteria and viruses, "said paulhabets, head of global business and marketing of DSM engineering plastics." traditional medical clothes without holes have shielding function, but they are greatly reduced in comfort. " Arnitelvt, developed by DSM, can be 100% shielded from viruses, bacteria and a large number of other media without sacrificing comfort

Arnitel material is also used to produce high-performance textiles, waterproof and breathable clothing. Its single-chip structure itself has the ability to provide product competitiveness and does not need to be perforated on it. Bacteria, germs and viruses can't penetrate this film 100%, but it won't make people sweat or feel uncomfortable after wearing it

Habets said that in the medical field, the application of this material in surgical clothing has increased rapidly. "The United States has become the dominant market, and Japan and South Korea have also begun to use this technology." Europe is relatively lagging behind, habets said, but not long ago, the explosion of Ebola caused thousands of waves and the recent increase in the rate of hospital infection alerts led some EU Member States to reconsider the regulations of surgical clothing, which is encouraging news for patients, medical staff and DSM. Recent and ongoing events "have attracted the attention of the general public and legislators, who are beginning to realize the importance of impermeability of medical materials." Habets said

although safety is the main consideration when developing medical supplies, the medical technology industry is not an isolated island. It must meet the needs of cost-effectiveness, as well as the sustainability of acid and traditional lead-acid batteries, like any other field. In this regard, DSM is at the forefront. Habets said, "we have environmental engineers to analyze the carbon footprint and study the impact of materials and applications on the environment, so our customers can choose the best solution in terms of performance, cost and environmental impact." The surgical suit made of arnitelvt is a case in point. "This highly cost-effective disposable product not only meets the highest safety standards, but also greatly reduces the environmental footprint compared with traditional surgical clothing." Habets said

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