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DSM joined the LiPA cooperation project to jointly develop advanced thermoplastic composite parts

as a global leading enterprise in life science and material science, Royal DSM group of the Netherlands recently announced to join the LiPA cooperation project, which is aimed at the production and development process of advanced thermoplastic composite parts reinforced with continuous fibers. "LiPA" refers to "lightweight and integrated production process application". DSM will be responsible for providing advanced material technology and comprehensive operation guidance related to polyamide 6

Christian g ö Tze, the leader of the LiPA cooperation project, said: "with the strong support provided by DSM to the LiPA team, we can further expand the application scope of polyamide 6. DSM will share with us the expertise related to material selection, component research and development, engineering technology and material processing. We believe that the participation of DSM will help us in" injection molding "and The field of "comprehensive application of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites" has made new milestone achievements again. "

the key factor for the successful mass production of advanced thermoplastic composites for the automotive industry is the automated production process. The LiPA project team has developed an integrated process that includes the steps of preheating organic sheets (thermoplastic impregnated continuous fiber preforms). Organic plates will be transported by mechanical equipment to LiPA tools located in injection molding equipment, Then use thermoplastic to enter "Car seats are also all plastic backward injection to produce finished parts. All steps in the whole process - mainly heating, processing, remodeling, injection, etc. - must be able to achieve perfect coordination with each other and with LiPA tools and operating systems. In terms of backward injection and the pressing technology of flexible materials such as textiles or thermoplastic sheets, the major R & D cooperative enterprises that form the LiPA team have 20 Years of rich experience

recently, LiPA team has launched several important cooperation projects in the field of joint research and development of advanced thermoplastic composites. In the future, these materials will be mainly used in the high-strength and light-weight automobile market. DSM's participation undoubtedly injects new vitality into these R & D activities

in addition, DSM is also one of the partners of the EU funded "enlight" (energy efficiency and intelligent lighting system) research project. This project aims to promote advanced material technology research and development activities that will help achieve the weight reduction and emission reduction goals of electric vehicles with high displacement and the inherent high temperature resistance characteristics of "TECHNYL reg; hardness redx". On the other hand, as the Aachen integrated lightweight production center (AZL) DSM, one of the founders of DSM, is also committed to promoting the automatic production of lightweight parts with high load and cost optimization, making it suitable for mass production and competent for various processing processes of composite materials and multi material design

DSM has been launched on the market based on ecopaxx ® Polyamide 410, akulon ® Polyamide 6 and stanyl ® Carbon fiber reinforced composite products of polyamide 46. Such products can significantly reduce the weight of auto body and chassis components. Glass fiber reinforced composites are mainly aimed at the weight reduction of semi-structural parts

"these projects fully reflect DSM's' colorful technology, a better life 'strategy - developing innovative solutions to help end users create more value, while reducing the adverse impact of the entire supply chain on the environment." In addition to the above conventional instruments, DSM global business director akulon and ecopaxx Danilo F should also be equipped with: cardboard bursting tester, cardboard compression tester, quantitative sampler, water absorption tester, folding tester, whiteness tester, smoothness tester ioravante said. "Close cooperation with partners is the key to the rapid implementation and success of these projects."

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