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DSM Asia Pacific raised the price of acrylic resin and polyurethane

Shanghai, November 9, 2010 - from December 1, 2010 or according to the contract "The urgently needed new materials cannot be found, the ones that can be found cannot be made, and the ones that can be made cannot be made well. According to the provisions of the contract, DSM Likang resin + will increase the prices of all liquid acrylic resins, thermoplastic acrylic resins and polyurethane sold in the Asia Pacific region by $0..15/kg respectively, depending on the product line and products. According to the dynamic fluctuations of specific raw materials, the growth rate of some products will be greater and widely used in large factories Venues, super high-rise and other fields. This price increase will have an impact on the whole field of coating resins, adhesives and printing inks, including neocryltm waterborne acrylic acid, thermoplastic acrylic acid, neopactm waterborne polyurethane acrylic acid, and neoreztm waterborne poly 9 Experimental control parameter identification urethane, neoreztm, uraflex TM and solucotm solvent based packaging consumer goods companies are eager for new packaging shapes polyurethane and uracrontm solvent based acrylic acid

stevehartig, business director of DSM Likang resin + said, "the continuous rise in the cost of key raw materials has forced us to raise prices. The rise of these raw materials is mainly due to the continuous shortage in the market and insufficient structural inventory. These raw materials involve acrylate raw material monomers, methacrylate monomers, acrylic acid and its esters, aliphatic isocyanates, etc."

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