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Dr. he Sihai discussed the business opportunity of "Better City, better life" with Siemens' industrial sector

Dr. he Sihai, CEO of Siemens' industrial sector, visited Shanghai from May 31 to June 2, 2010. During the visit, Dr. he Sihai held talks with the management of Siemens (China) industrial business in China, some industry leaders and important customers. The host and the guest discussed the business opportunities brought by the city to make life better, and visited the WorldExpo together

During the visit, Dr. he Sihai first reviewed Siemens' business with senior leaders in the industrial business field of Siemens (China) and conducted in-depth discussions on future strategies and development issues

as the focus of this visit since the first half of this year, Dr. he Sihai held talks with some industry leaders and important customers in different fields such as real estate, transportation and aviation. During the talks, the parties exchanged views on challenges, environmental technology and infrastructure development trends, and further consolidated cooperation. The alternative opening and closing of valve port combination II and IV of Siemens' environmental protection products has proved to be an effective solution to control the negative development trend of the global environment at the same time

together with important customers, Dr. he Sihai and Mr. hevik, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and President of Northeast Asia in the industrial business field, as well as the management personnel of Siemens Building Technology Group and Siemens OSRAM lighting technology group to ensure extrusion quality, visited the Expo and felt the outstanding contributions of OSRAM lighting technology group and Siemens together. They were deeply impressed by Siemens' environmental protection solutions in many venues, such as the one world Pavilion, China Pavilion and Hamburg Pavilion. These venues have demonstrated innovative energy efficiency solutions in different ways. By implementing these solutions, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 70%

during the meeting with Chinese industry leaders and important customers, Dr. he Sihai was overjoyed and emphasized the rapid development of China's green technology industry. He stressed that Siemens' environmental protection solutions will promote this development, and Siemens is committed to innovative technology to create lasting value

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