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Drupa post press equipment is not completely summarized: die cutting/paper cutting equipment (Part 2) (Group pictures)

blaze a new trail to seek a place

just as automation was once the pride of an international leading enterprise, unique innovation has also been labeled as the patent label of an international leading enterprise. But now this situation has been broken. Like the qzyw-l7 series paper cutter exhibited by Deyang Litong, its original overall frame has been widely recognized in the industry. Xiongweiguang, chairman and general manager of Deyang Litong, once said that the real rise of Chinese enterprises should be made in China rather than made in China. This time, he personally led a team to drupa to bring such Chinese creation to the global printing industry

general manager Xiong Weiguang of Deyang Litong is full of confidence in his products.

in seeking innovation, Heidelberg company's practice is to equip its dymatrix 106/113 Pro CSB die-cutting machine with a new paper feeder to meet the challenges from the die-cutting field. By installing the preset plus Feida and dyset Pro automatic paper feeding systems of the Speedmaster XL 105 offset press on the dymatrix 106/113 Pro CSB die-cutting machine, the print sheet can be aligned through the edge, image or printing mark before being picked up by the paper teeth, so as to reduce the number of master paper and reduce the probability of paper jam

Heidelberg dymatrix 106 Pro CSB die-cutting machine

the dyset Pro automatic paper feeding system equipped with Heidelberg dymatrix 106/113 Pro CSB die-cutting machine

C P (colter Peterson, Scott Paterson) brings prism HPM and saber production lines to the international market. The saber paper cutter of 45, 54 and 65 inches is mainly developed for heavy live parts. It adopts chromium plated cast iron platform, which makes it less affected by the air and avoids rust. The company's prism- change the two-phase live wire in the input 380V) at the same time, clear the LED display screen, and then adjust the preset dial switch to the number of experiments. HPM has different formats such as 30, 36, 45 and 54 inches. They all use the preset console of microcut. The operator can carry out all operations according to the instructions through the touch screen, and can collect system data in real time

drupa: prism HPM paper cutter of C P company

drupa: saber paper cutter of C P company

polar Mohr participated in the exhibition together with Heidelberg company. The company exhibited polar l-r-176-tpace VLF ultra large format cutting system, which is used in conjunction with Heidelberg's new Speedmaster XL 145 and XL 162 ultra large format printing machines. This cutting system is equipped with an automatic paper Collider to meet the needs of large format cutting and operation

pola's polar l-r-176-tpace VLF ultra large format cutting system

at this drupa exhibition, boster brought their new generation of equipment and solutions, including visioncut 106 Le flat pressing die-cutting machine, Mastercut 145 die-cutting machine developed for large format business and high-end excelcut 106 professional die-cutting machine. Boster's innovation is more reflected in the application field than in products. Boster, which has a solid position in the field of cartons, obviously also wants to launch an impact on the field of commercial printing

visioncut 106 die-cutting machine of boster company

Mastercut 145 die-cutting machine of boster company

ex of boster company is simple and convenient to replace; Pertcut 106 die-cutting machine

the rising power of China makes the world look out

when talking about the die-cutting/cutting equipment at the drupa exhibition, we can't help mentioning the products from China. If in the past, Chinese enterprises only fought alone in drupa, then this exhibition fully shows the overall strength of the Chinese Legion

in addition to the above-mentioned shenweida and Deyang Litong, Huicong printing also reported the participation of domestic die-cutting/paper cutting equipment manufacturers such as Shanghai Electric Group Printing and chartering company Yahua company, beiren group company, Deyang Litong, Tangshan Yuyin, Tianjin evergreen, Haihe group (Shengli Weiye), Huizhou Degang and so on during the exhibition. The products of these enterprises not only have their own characteristics, but also the products on display have generally obtained CE certification. All this is enough for colleagues in the global printing industry to take off the colored glasses they once wore and re-examine the meaning of made in China

the tym1050y automatic holographic hot stamping die-cutting machine exhibited by Shanghai Yahua is over, but the development of die-cutting/cutting equipment is far from over. People always think that the die-cutting/cutting process is very mature, but these mature processes can still continue to surprise people. What else can they bring to me in the future, that is, the simultaneous degradation of surface and interior? We are looking forward to

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