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Shanghai yeao: how to provide reliable home services during the epidemic period

this special spring festival, the COVID-19 is affecting everyone's nerves all the time. In order to block the spread of the epidemic, local governments have issued instructions to postpone the start of work. The delay of starting work of millions of customer service personnel across the country has had a huge impact on all industries

the customer service centers of major banks issued instructions and suggestions at the first time to customers to reduce the use of manual services and use self-service. However, not all services can be completed by self-service. Manual contact has always been the first choice for customers and will not change due to the epidemic. So how to ensure reliable and continuous customer service in extraordinary times

the customer service center is densely populated, which is a working environment prone to spread infection. So customer service staff working from home is the first choice. However, working from home, the following factors have to be considered:

1) during the special time of the Spring Festival, many employees may not have office equipment such as computers and headphones, and lack the support of professional IT personnel, so the minimum support must be provided for the equipment, and the way for customer service personnel to connect to the customer service center must be the simplest

2) how to ensure the service quality and efficiency of employees in home non office environment, as well as the service data statistics during this period

3) how to realize call recording and service quality supervision

4) how to realize data support, knowledge support and collaboration among customer service personnel

5) how to manage customer data and information risk control

in terms of the implementation method of home seats, Shanghai yeao can have a variety of implementation schemes according to the different customer infrastructure conditions and the different home conditions of customer service personnel

during the Spring Festival in 2020, some customers have opened home customer service by using the infrastructure of yeao call system

01 remote mobile agent scheme

this method is usually applicable to agents who are limited by conditions and cannot access the customer service center remotely at home through the Internet. After opening the mobile agent, the customer service staff can remotely dial into the call center system through the operator to realize various operations of agents, such as check-in/check-out, free/busy, transfer, meeting, etc

when the customer calls, the customer's call can be automatically assigned and connected to the agent by the call center system to realize the call and complete the interaction with the customer. Ensure the normal acceptance of calls from call center customers during emergency period. In addition, the agent can use the line of the customer service center to call the customer, and the customer call is displayed as the unified special service number of the customer service center

the advantage of this method is that it does not need to rely on the conditions of IP network facilities. All operations of home customer service agents are realized through public use, and calls are also realized through public use. It is fast to go online and easy to use. The background manager can start the service after opening the function for the seats. It is the quickest and easiest service method in an emergency period

different from the ordinary call transfer mode, the mobile agent has the same operation and management functions as the local agent, not just the call function. The calls of the mobile agent will still be recorded in the workload statistical report, and the calls can be recorded normally. The statistical analysis and KPI assessment will not be affected at all; The calling number of the customer himself will not be seen by the seats, so as to ensure the statistics and compliance supervision of the call center, and the privacy of the customer will not be affected. As a quick emergency plan in an emergency, it is a very good choice

in this way, if the customer service center provides an Internet access data path at the same time, the agent will process it through the or landline, and use the computer to connect to the customer service center business system to enter data. CTI integration functions such as screen popping will not be affected. Otherwise, you can only answer the customer's calls and manually record the processing items, and then enter them later

02 app agent scheme

yeao MPM is embedded in the enterprise app and integrates customer service or marketing functions. Agents can use intelligent mobile terminals such as mobile terminals to accept business or realize outbound business

mpm provides a more flexible access mode for home-based customer service. Agents at home only need to have Internet access, or use their own 4G or 5g network, and only one can complete customer service

mobile IP agents can realize complete incoming and outgoing call services, and realize the same operation, control functions, recording, monitoring and other management functions as fixed agents

03 VPN remote agent scheme

is applicable to the customer service center that provides VPN remote access network. Agents can use the interconnection line at home to access the call center in the form of VPN, and install IP software on the computer at the same time

after the VPN connection is established, the home agent logs in to the calling system with the same job number as the workplace phone, and the business system. Therefore, at this time, the agent has exactly the same functions as when working in the workplace, including incoming call acceptance, outbound call, contact data, and business system access

the incoming call of the customer will be transmitted to the IP software of the agent's home computer through the Internet VPN connection. The agent needs to use the computer headset to talk with the customer

when the quality of the Internet call is poor, you can switch to the mobile agent mode, bind the job number with your own or home phone, and the call system sends the call to the or phone through public. Market analysts pointed out that the advantage of this method is that the agent has all business processing functions, which is exactly the same as the workplace, and the ups and downs of reports, recording, and business system access are not affected. However, in this way, the customer service center needs to open a VPN connection, and the aisle cannot be accessed. Assign a VPN access account to the seats

in addition to the three technical measures discussed above, yeao also provides supporting service functions for remote seats in terms of customer service operation management, managing decentralized seats and ensuring service quality; In addition, cold drawn steel bars: each batch of cold drawn steel bars should be subject to two tensile tests, using yeao customer service. In special periods, divert customer service, guide intelligent AI, and further replace machine and assist labor. This is also a way to deal with service emergencies. We will discuss these solutions with you in the subsequent articles

in the face of the severe epidemic, we can overcome difficulties hand in hand

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