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How to quickly complete the charging pile communication test

nowadays, the most common method to test the charging pile protocol is to use a real vehicle for confirmatory testing (6) if there is oil leakage, however, this method will bring many disadvantages. This paper will introduce a scheme of BMS simulation system built by split equipment

I. disadvantages of real vehicle testing

1. Unrepresentative: at present, there are still differences in BMS communication protocols between mainstream electric vehicles in the market, and it is difficult to find a representative model

2. Only functional verification can be done: using real vehicle test can only verify whether the charging pile can realize charging, and it is not known whether it strictly conforms to the national standard specifications

3. Long discharge time: after long-term test, the battery of electric vehicle will be full after using the real vehicle, which requires a long process of discharging

II. Building of BMS simulation system

in order to avoid the above problems caused by real vehicle testing, we can build our own BMS simulation system, which is composed of the following types of equipment

1. Protocol simulator: it is used to simulate the BMS message in the national standard to communicate with the charging pile. This paper recommends choosing the canscope of Zhiyuan electronics, which not only has the function of protocol simulator, but also can synchronously carry out protocol consistency detection, fault simulation, signal quality evaluation and other complex functions

2. Voltage 20 simulator: connected in parallel to the charging pile, even in 2030, dc+ and dc-, and strobe through the relay in the middle to simulate the battery voltage. The national standard mentions that in the charging configuration stage, the charging pile needs to detect that the battery voltage at the vehicle end is normal before entering the charging stage, otherwise it will stop charging. Any DC power supply between the maximum and minimum voltage of the charger can be output

3, K5, K6 control units: drive the above relays, cooperate with the protocol simulator, and realize the relay pull in when the charging process enters the charging configuration stage, so that the charging pile can detect the analog battery voltage. This paper recommends selecting the control unit composed of ndam-9000 and ndam-2808 of Zhiyuan electronics, which can realize linkage with the canscope through the port

III. operation process

1. Connect the equipment with the charging pile according to the system block diagram

2. Adjust the voltage simulator to output a constant voltage, which is between the maximum output voltage and the minimum output voltage of the tested charging pile

3. Start the chargerbms protocol conformance test software corresponding to the canscope_ Tester, select BMS simulation test, and configure corresponding information, mainly including simulated BMS parameters, K5, K6 control single-phase inverse enable and IP address setting

4. Check the required test items to start the test

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