How to purchase paper for books

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How to purchase paper for books

generally, the publishing department has special purchasers to purchase paper, etc., but as a technology, he is responsible for the printing of a book, so he must also understand the purchase of materials. Here, just take paper as an example. The purchase of paper first requires an understanding of its market experimental machine, which is generally 60 tons or 100 tons, and master the skills to judge whether the paper is good or bad

step 1: judge whether the paper is good or bad

even the same kind of paper has great differences, because different paper mills use different pulps and add different proportions of additives, resulting in great differences in paper. Its whiteness, tightness and folding resistance will be different, and the quality of paper is also one of the important factors to judge the quality of a book. Imagine if the reader gets two books of the same type, one of which has moderate whiteness, good paper feel, and a sense of weight when holding it, and the paper of the whole book has no color difference; The paper of another book turns yellow, and the paper is rough in his hand. He will feel scattered at any time. Which one will he choose? Moreover, some papers are seriously powdered and hairy, which will also affect the printing quality and printing schedule, and even affect the sales of publications. Therefore, how to judge the quality of paper is an essential skill for technology, so as to grasp the quality of the book itself

step 2: understand the paper type

the paper type mentioned here refers to offset paper, coated paper, art paper, etc., including the characteristics of these papers, because it will be related to whether the paper matches the content. Before making a book, you should know what the book is about, and whether the main types are literature and art books, teaching aids, picture books, or others. Because each kind of paper has its own characteristics, and it is also suitable for books of different content types

for example, the use of Mengken paper as a literary book will not only make readers feel that the book is thick and worth more, but also protect their eyesight to a certain extent, making the book look more cultural. It has the feeling that the use conditions of Mengken paper should be explained in a special or eye-catching way. However, teaching aids are generally used for only one year or half a year, and the use cycle is short, so the paper does not need to be very good. I believe everyone has experienced it personally. Many teaching aids are bought as waste paper after use, so 60g writing paper or offset paper is enough, while using better paper leads to rising pricing, no market competitiveness, and no need at all. It is best to use coated paper for exquisite albums, and the higher the weight, the higher the grade. Sometimes only a dozen pages of albums can sell for dozens of yuan or hundreds of yuan, also because they use high-quality coated paper. Using high-grade coated paper, not only its edges must be free of burrs and distortions, but also the printing color is more delicate, the color level is richer, and people feel that the value for money. Therefore, if the technology can provide good suggestions on what paper to use, it will be of some help to the sales of books

having achieved the above two points can only be said to have achieved good procurement, why not excellent? Because if you want to be excellent in technology, you need to have good market control ability and negotiation skills

step 3: get familiar with the paper market

the cycle of making a book is long or short, fast is a few months, slow is oneortwo years, so the difference between buying paper early and buying paper late depends on the ability of technology to control the paper market. Especially recently, the large fluctuation of the paper market has a direct impact on costs, coupled with the difficult supply of goods, which is a test of the control of technology over the market. And how to order goods at the lowest price depends on the technical ability and eloquence. Because sometimes paper salesmen will hoard or withhold in another way. For example, for the same paper, one company's price is low but does not include delivery, while the other company's price is high but can deliver, which requires comparison. How to get the paper with low price and difficult to identify the yield point with the help of technology? It depends entirely on the personal ability of technology. At the same time, there is the time of payment, and the prices of goods on arrival and three-month accounting period are also different. If we can talk about the three-month accounting period to the price of one month accounting period, we will also save a lot of costs

technology if you want to buy cheap paper, you must first understand the market price of paper in the whole region, and then shop around. Because most of them buy paper from agents now, the price difference is also relatively large. After comparing the goods, it is necessary to determine whether the other party has goods, otherwise the order will be placed only after it is printed, and it will be found that the other party has no goods, which will greatly delay the construction period. In addition, for some special folio paper, we should also place an order in advance, so that the paper mill will have time to rush to manufacture. Therefore, technology should also understand the procurement of materials, which can not only save costs, but also promote the sales of books

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