How to protect TV in the hottest summer

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How to protect TV sets in summer

high temperature, high humidity and more lightning in summer are known to be the reasons for the increased damage to TV sets. According to statistics, the damage rate of TV sets in July, August and September is about times that in other months. Therefore, when using TV in summer, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Ventilation and heat dissipation. Some TVs are covered with dust covers, which only lift the screen away when in use; In order to protect the TV, some people put a cotton pad or foam plastic pad under it, resulting in the ventilation hole at the bottom of the TV being blocked; Some TV cabinets are very narrow, the surrounding gap is not large enough, and some front edges are also inlaid with glass; Some even blocked the ventilation holes around the TV to prevent dust. These "protective" measures often make the internal ventilation of TV sets poor, heat dissipation difficult, resulting in overheating damage. Therefore, pay attention to keep the ventilation holes around the casing from being blocked, and leave a space of more than cm around. Don't cover the TV immediately after turning it off. In winter, patients come from the warm indoor to the cold outdoor hood

2. The evaluation information of non intentional additives in the atmosphere and the compliance of total migration in summer (only molded products) and other humidity are high, resulting in the decline of insulation performance. There are tens of thousands of volts of high voltage in the TV, which is easy to cause high-voltage ignition, insulation breakdown and other phenomena in the TV. Moreover, if the TV is not used for a long time, the performance of some parts in the machine will deteriorate. Therefore, in the humid season, it is best to change the running time of the experimental machine. The TV can be turned on for a while every day, so that the heat generated after the machine is powered on can disperse the moisture

3. pay attention to lightning protection. Qualified lightning protection facilities must be installed when using outdoor antennas. In thunderstorm weather, turn off the TV and properly ground the outdoor antenna. Those who use outdoor antennas, if they do not watch TV programs in thunderstorm weather, it is best to unplug the power plug of the TV to prevent the high voltage formed by lightning from jumping into the power line and damaging the TV

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