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How to protect the color of transparent packaged food

problem: how to solve the fading problem of transparent packaged food under the long-term and direct irradiation of natural light or light


with the progress of society and the development of the market, the way of food sales is undergoing historic changes. The original sales method of closed large package weighing and sub packaging is increasingly replaced by the open shelf sales method in self selected shopping malls. The transparent packaging of glass, plastic and other materials makes the food on the shelves colorful and exquisite; All kinds of food and beverages also meet consumers directly with their "true colors of Lushan Mountain" and accept consumers' examination and selection

in this way, under the long-term and direct irradiation of natural light or light, the fading of goods has become a serious problem to maintain product quality

the fading of commodities not only directly affects the color and appearance of commodities; And directly affect the nutritional value and internal quality of commodities; Therefore, it directly affects the shelf life and shelf life of commodities, the value and sales of commodities, and the economic benefits of manufacturers and dealers. A broad-spectrum, efficient and low-cost light and sun proof color protection agent has become the common expectation of manufacturers, dealers and consumers; It has become an essential additive for food production and processing. It has extremely broad application prospects

the industries that have the most urgent requirements for sun proof food color protectants are: beverage industry, fruit and vegetable juice processing industry, pickle processing industry, preserved fruit processing industry, minced meat products processing industry, etc. Generally speaking, the industries that carry out deep processing of agricultural and sideline products are forced to maintain the natural pigment composition of the products; Some packaged foods that deliberately add pigments to enhance the appearance of products also require that the products be light-resistant and colorfast

our "Jianying brand" compound synergistic food sun fastness and color protection agent adopts a variety of food additives for proportional compounding, and uses the synergistic effect produced by the chemical interaction between them, so as to maintain the original injection pressure of food, realize the light stability of the inherent color of low porosity and good bonding between inserts and coated polymers, A high-tech product that extends the shelf life of packaged food products

the "Jianying brand" color protection agent series of our institute mainly includes the following varieties:

first, color protection Agent-a type (general type)

color protection Agent-a type is gray white crystal, which is easily soluble in water. It can effectively prevent the light fading of beverages or foods containing natural pigments such as carotenoids, anthocyanins, chlorophyll, or synthetic pigments such as amaranth red and sunset yellow. It also has a good inhibitory effect on food browning. The utility model has the advantages of wide application range, small dosage, low cost, simple use, stable performance and remarkable effect

⑴ it can be used as color protection for carbonated drinks, pulp drinks, fruit juice drinks, fruit dew and cold drinks. For example, if 0.06% universal color fixative is added to beverages such as granular orange, it will not fade even after continuous exposure for about ten days

⑵ it can also be used as color protection for pickles, pickles, pickles and other vegetable processed products. The color protection effect can be achieved by adding 0.06~0.09% color protection agent to the prepared vegetables

⑶ it can also be used as color protection for fruit and vegetable processed products such as wine, salad, canned food, etc. Add 0.09~0.10% color fixative to fruit wine; Add 0.02~0.03% color fixative to salad; Adding 0.06~0.09% color fixative to cans can prevent discoloration, fading and sedimentation, and extend the shelf life

II. Color protectant-d type (green protectant for fresh vegetables and fruits)

"Jianying brand" color protectant D type, also known as "green protectant for fruits and vegetables". White or bluish green powder, soluble in water, can protect the green of fruits and vegetables from damage

scope of application: it is widely used to protect the green and fresh of cooking vegetables, supermarket bagged vegetables, quick-frozen vegetables, canned vegetables and soft cans, dried vegetables, processed vegetables, fruit and vegetable juice, sauce, etc., as well as the color of zongruo

usage: weigh 0.2 ~ 0.3% of the fruit and vegetable greening agent in the amount of water, heat it up to dissolve it, put the vegetables in when it is slightly boiling, and remove it for about 3 minutes (the old vegetables take a long time, and the tender vegetables take a short time), that is, put it into the 0.1% calcium chloride cold solution for a few seconds, remove it and put it into the green agent cold solution. Take it out in time, process and shape it as required, and then package and sterilize it. (the solution can be used continuously for 2 ~ 3 times, and it needs to be prepared and used now). Dosage: 0.2 ~ 0.3% of the dosage of soaking solution

after using this product, add 0.06 ~ 0.09% color preserving and preservative type A to vegetables, which can prevent chlorophyll color change

III. color fixative - E2 type (fruit color fixative and anti browning agent)

color fixative - E2 type is white to grayish white powder, which is soluble in water. It can prevent fruit browning caused by cutting, heating and drying. This product is sulfur free and safe to use. It is suitable for the cutting and processing of apples and other browning prone fruits

usage: immerse the sliced fruit in 1% calcium chloride solution for 2 hours as soon as possible, add water to make 0.4% solution, add an appropriate amount of salt, fish out the fruit blocks or slices, immerse them in this solution for 2 ~ 3 hours, or boil them in this solution for 3 ~ 5 minutes, fish out, soak or wrap them in sugar, or dry them directly. Dosage: about 0.4%

IV. color fixative-f type (natural pigment color fixative partner)

color fixative-f type is white to grayish white powder, which is easily soluble in water. It has excellent color protection effect on turmeric, sorghum red, carmine, sunset yellow and other pigments, and has excellent color protection effect on natural pigments that are extremely light resistant and heat-resistant, such as Monascus red, beet red, gardenia yellow β- Carotene has a particularly significant color protection effect

color fixative-f type can be widely used for the color protection of meat products such as ham sausage and minced meat, carbonated beverages, pulp, fruit juice beverages, cold drinks, pickles, pickles, pickles, bamboo shoots, radish sticks and other products, as well as products with added pigments for the measurement of friction coefficient. This product can also be used as a "pigment companion" by pigment manufacturers to improve the light and heat stability of products

usage: add a small amount of sterile water to this product, stir it until it is completely dissolved, then add it to food ingredients, stir it, and make it mix evenly. According to the final product, the addition amount is: 0.05 ~ 0.08%

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