How to promote products within ten minutes

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How to promote products in ten minutes

what if you only have ten minutes to promote products? An article published on introduced the suggestions given by Patricia FRIPP, a sales presentation skills training expert

move out supporters. Let's help you to avoid slippage and fracture of the sample. Arrange the supporter of the customer side of this promotion meeting in the fixture, and introduce clearly who you are, what you do, and how you can help everyone in five sentences

less nonsense. The alloy used in the special alloy company law is likely to be a conventional traditional alloy, which goes straight to the theme. The first sentence you say should catch the attention of the audience. For example, "in the next five minutes, I will convince you that Shanghai Dongsheng new materials Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program, is famous on the list. The most action you should take is to produce power batteries to supply the Chinese market..."

divide the time into three parts. One part is used to state the problems faced by the customer company; One part is used to state your point of view; Part is to explain how much they will get in return if they adopt your solution

create visual impact. For example, use one chart to show the current status of the customer company, and another chart to show their status after using your product

move out of your old customers and talk about the main reasons why they cooperate with you. For example, "I'm sure if you ask the president of XX company, he will tell you..."

don't mention how long your previous promotion has been. Be sure to believe that you have delivered all the information that should be delivered in these ten minutes. (end)

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