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Ten departments: comprehensively and systematically strengthen the whole chain management of plastic pollution

[industry standards for packaging and printing industry] on September 11, 2020, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of ecological environment and other ten departments held a national plastic pollution treatment work meeting, which made arrangements for the current progress of China's plastic pollution treatment and the next steps

the meeting pointed out that the overall treatment of plastic pollution is still in its infancy, and a lot of work needs to be done in implementing the main body, supervision in key areas, improving supporting measures, strengthening publicity and guidance, and completing the phased goals on schedule. The task is still quite arduous. All regions and departments should focus on key work and take strong measures to ensure the completion of the goal and task of plastic pollution control

the meeting required that we should highlight the key points, refine measures, and comprehensively and systematically strengthen the whole chain governance of plastic pollution

first, we should control the source of production, arrange production enterprises, and resolutely crack down on production violations of current laws and regulations

second, standardize the circulation links, implement the plastic reduction of business entities, and strengthen the law enforcement and inspection of sales links

the third is to guide consumption and use, build a green supply chain in e-commerce express, chain supermarkets, catering and other fields, and advocate green consumption

fourth, plan product substitution, take degradable, recyclable and recyclable as the main direction, do a good job in the connection between production and supply, and speed up the construction of a unified, standardized, orderly competitive and strong regulatory supply market for substitutes

fifth, organize recycling and disposal, strengthen the classification, collection and treatment of plastic waste, and improve the level of resource utilization

sixth, implement special cleaning, improve the urban and rural garbage removal and transportation system, carry out special cleaning in rivers, lakes and seas, and effectively control plastic environmental pollution

the meeting stressed that plastic pollution control is a complex systematic project, and all regions and departments should strengthen territorial management, improve the working mechanism, and establish and improve a real-time working system in which provinces take overall responsibility and cities focus on the investment casting field for industry. We should strengthen law enforcement and supervision, organize joint supervision, and supervise and inspect the work of all localities. We should strengthen publicity, condense the social consensus of distributing award-winning scratch cards, and create a good atmosphere for plastic pollution control

since this year, the national attention to plastic pollution control has increased significantly. At present, 11 provinces and cities have issued relevant implementation plans or exposure drafts, but at present, the overall work is still in its infancy, and needs to be improved in terms of plastic recycling, treatment and resource utilization, as well as urban and rural garbage removal and transportation system. Previously, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the notice on comprehensively carrying out domestic waste classification in cities at and above the prefecture level nationwide, which proposed that by the end of 2020, 46 key cities should basically establish waste classification and treatment systems. At present, as the date approaches, the construction of waste classification and treatment systems will be further accelerated

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