How to protect the color of the hottest mushroom

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Mushroom color protection methods

mushroom color protection has the following methods:

first, scalding

scalding methods include hot water scalding and steam scalding

hot water blanching is to boil the water first, then put the mushrooms, increase the firepower to make the water temperature reach the boiling point temperature, and keep it for 2-5 minutes, then take out the mushrooms and immediately put them into cold water for cooling. The common scalding equipment is the hot water tank

steam blanching is to put mushrooms into a steamer or steam box, supply steam with a boiler, control the temperature at 80 ℃ - 100 ℃, blanch for 2-8 minutes, turn off the steam immediately after blanching, and take it out for cooling

it is appropriate to scald the edible fungus just thoroughly. In order to inactivate the enzyme activity and better maintain the color and nutritional components of edible fungi, 0.1% is often added to scalding water, which is characterized by a large impact on the relative error of the front segment of the n-degree range of the dial - 1% citric acid or 2% - 5% salt

second, antioxidant color protection method

the ideal way to solve the problem of color protection of edible fungi cans is to add food antioxidants to the finished cans to achieve the purpose of inhibiting or reducing the discoloration of finished edible fungi. If the canned mushroom raw material is not treated with color protection during processing, ascorbic acid and its salts or vitamin E and other active substances with antioxidant effect can be added in the proportion of about 0.1% of the weight of the finished product before the soup is injected or sealed, so that it can play a color protection role in the storage period of the finished canned product

III. cold water color protection method

when picking mushrooms, they are uprooted, immediately immersed in cold water below 15 ℃, and transported to the factory with containers for timely processing. The root cutting operation in the processing process should be carried out in water to avoid the poor quality of the finished mushroom cans obtained after contact with air. A forum on industrial development trends was specially added at last year's annual meeting

IV. vacuum method

use vacuum method to remove the air around raw materials and edible fungus tissue, cut off the supply of oxygen, and also prevent mildew. Generally, the mixed solution of 2% salt, 0.2% citric acid and 0.02% - 0.06% sodium metasulfite should be used as the vacuum mother liquor for mushroom varieties that are easy to change color; For mushrooms that are not easy to change color, use 2% salt solution or sugar water as vacuum mother liquor

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