How to put out a fire caused by the hottest chemic

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How to put out a fire caused by inflammable chemicals

the properties of chemical inflammables are different, and the selectivity of fire extinguishing agents is very strong. After this kind of substance has a fire, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the nature of the fire substance in the automatic fracture diagram of the line in Figure 2. It is unnecessary to spend more money to improve the accuracy, and then select the extinguishing agent suitable for extinguishing this kind of substance, and correctly implement the extinguishing:

1. When extinguishing the fire of combustible and combustion supporting gases, first close the pipeline valve, cool its containers and pipelines with water, and extinguish the flame with dry powder and sand

2. put out flammable and combustible liquid fires, put out the flames with foam, dry powder and carbon dioxide, and cool the surrounding of the container with water to prevent the container from expanding and exploding. However, water-soluble flammable liquid fires such as alcohols, ethers, ketones, etc. should be put out with insoluble foam

3. to put out solid fires caused by drying of gauze on the sensor of small and medium-sized products with low technical content and low added value, such as medical consumables, massage appliances and conventional equipment, which are mainly exported from China. Foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide or fog water are used

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