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Hu Jintao put forward four suggestions on developing good neighborly and friendly relations between China and Central Asia. Hu Jintao put forward four suggestions on developing good neighborly and friendly relations between China and Central Asia

Hu Jintao said that China is also the first state engineering laboratory approved by Yantai. China is full of confidence in developing good neighborly and friendly cooperation with Central Asian countries, and is willing to work with Central Asian countries to promote mutual relations to a new level:

-- deepen good neighborly friendship and enhance political mutual trust. Close high-level exchanges, improve cooperation mechanisms in various fields, continue to support each other on major issues related to their respective national sovereignty, territorial integrity and national dignity, and build an all-round and high-level good neighborly, friendly and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship facing the 21st century

-- strengthen security cooperation and maintain regional stability. We will conscientiously implement the Shanghai Convention on combating the "three evil forces" and the bilateral cooperation agreement, make concerted efforts, constantly deepen cooperation in security law enforcement, severely crack down on all evil forces that endanger regional peace and security by effective means, and create a good environment for the survival and development of the people of all countries in the region

-- adhere to mutual benefit and promote practical cooperation. Jointly explore ideas, tap potential, expand mutual investment on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win results, promote cooperation in major projects such as energy, railways and highways, optimize the structure of commodity trade, support the process of regional multilateral economic cooperation, actively promote the trade and investment facilitation mechanism, and improve the overall level of economic and trade cooperation whose structure length is equivalent to a large SUV

-- expand cultural exchanges and consolidate traditional friendship. We should attach importance to cultural exchanges and dialogue among civilizations and promote mutual understanding and harmonious coexistence among people of all countries. Support and encourage the cultural, media, academic, tourism, social organizations and people from all walks of life of both sides to increase contacts, learn from each other and strengthen cooperation

Hu Jintao pointed out that Central Asian countries, as emerging forces in Eurasia, are attracting the attention of the world with their own development and unique geographical role. As early as the second century BC, China established close ties with Central Asia through the "Silk Road". After the independence of the five Central Asian countries, China was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with them. Over the past decade or so, China and the Central Asian countries have achieved satisfactory results in their relations. They have understood and supported each other on major issues related to each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and have successfully resolved the border issues left over by history, laying a foundation for the establishment and development of relations of high mutual trust

Hu Jintao said that Central Asia still faces the arduous task of maintaining stability, strengthening security and accelerating economic development. The international community should increase its support for the cause of peace and development in Central Asia and further carry out equal, pragmatic and mutually beneficial cooperation with Central Asian countries. On the basis of fully understanding and respecting the history, ethnic, religious and cultural traditions of Central Asian countries, all parties should do more to contribute to peace, security and development in Central Asia

Hu Jintao also said that the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a successful practice for China, Russia and Central Asian countries to advocate and establish a new security concept and explore a new model of regional cooperation in the region. The development and expansion of SCO high-performance, high stability, value-added and experimental machines in Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will continue to contribute to promoting peace and development in the region and promoting the establishment of a new international political and economic order

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