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Huawei becomes an executive enterprise member of the cloud security alliance

Huawei today announced that it will become an executive enterprise member of the cloud security alliance (CSA). The cloud security alliance is committed to ensuring the security of cloud services, and currently has nine executive enterprise members. The executive members connect with the leading team and the board of directors of the cloud security alliance through a special advisory group, namely the executive enterprise Member Council

Huawei joined the cloud security alliance in 2012 and contributed to several CSA working groups (such as the virtualization Working Group). Huawei is a major contributor to CSA's white paper on reducing risks in virtualized environments. On behalf of CSA, Huawei has also created a virtualization security standard in iso/iec JTC1. Based on Huawei's contribution to CSA and the industry, in 2014, Huawei won the membership of CSA ISC (International Committee for Standardization). ISC is responsible for coordinating all standardization related work within CSA, and currently has 10 seats

Huawei embraces the cloud, integrates into the cloud, develops a more open and secure cloud ecosystem, and upgrades to an executive enterprise member of CSA. This is CSA's recognition of Huawei's efforts. Huawei will cooperate with CSA and its members (such as the working group on cloud component specification and the working group on Cloud Security Service Management) to promote innovation in cloud computing security to ensure that cloud service users have confidence in the cloud. Huawei will draw on its expertise and call on more CSA members to work together to provide more secure cloud services, helping the industry's digital transformation from color, texture, roughness and feel

John Suffolk, Huawei's global network security and user privacy officer (gspo), said: through cooperation with global telecom operators and cloud service providers (such as Chinatelecom, Deutsche Telekom and Spain Telecom, which can form and cut at the same station), Huawei has rich experience in cloud security. As an executive member of the cloud security alliance, we look forward to sharing our expertise in this field, To improve the cloud computing industry

Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO of cloud security alliance, said: CSA is a team composed of industry leaders. We are very glad that Huawei joined our team in 2012. Huawei is a trusted partner of the world's top network operators. We warmly welcome Huawei to contribute its expertise in current and new research programs, so as to further improve the security of cloud computing

Aloysius Cheng, executive vice president of Pan Meng Asia Pacific region, said that Huawei has been an important partner of CSA for many years, making it very simple to use stepper electromechanical control in speed, position and other control fields. We are glad that Huawei, as an executive enterprise member, is willing to further strengthen cooperation with CSA. We will cooperate with Huawei in two new research projects, In the process of cloud transformation, solve the key security assurance problems

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