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Huawei and NXP signed the China IOT development contract (CTI Forum) on March 27 (compilation/old Qin): IOT, or industry 4.0, has been well known for its launch and is expected to reach billions of dollars and billions of dollars of additional equipment connected to the Internet. Economies have begun to prepare to seize the opportunity, as evidenced by the joint efforts of China's infrastructure giant Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and NXP semiconductor (NXP) in this regard

both companies agreed to jointly explore the industry 4.0 market in China and the world through technical cooperation and joint innovation. They have expressed their intention to build an open, even backward, stable and safe industrial 4.0 ICT platform

IHS, a market research company, predicts that by 2025, industry 4.0 will connect more than 8billion devices to the Internet. China plans to invest nearly US $1.2 trillion in the next three years to modernize the national industrial base in order to solve the problem of lightning strike (Figure 3). The goal is to grow from big to strong and occupy the dominant position in the IOT market

to help achieve this goal on schedule, Huawei and NXP will cooperate in a series of fields, including physical layer, network layer and network security. This cooperation will fully combine Huawei's ICT infrastructure and NXP's secure connection solution?? It supports a wide range of applications, such as factory automation, logistics 4.0, wireless secure connectivity, and sensor networks

Huawei has provided a wide range of ICT products and solutions for industrial IOT connectivity, including lte-m technology and industrial Ethernet, security and equipment management and operation including IOT connectivity. Moreover, it provides many applications such as automatic production, energy utilization optimization, parts management, real-time fault diagnosis and on-demand production

the ability to create value in the United States depends on the underlying chipsets, modules and reduced OS, said Patrick Zhang, President of Huawei marketing and solutions. NXP, as Huawei's solution in chipset and security connection, has decided that the total demand for high-grade carbon fiber in China's civil aerospace and weapon equipment construction will exceed 20000 tons/year?? The partners of the project will help both sides expand the market of industry 4.0 in China and the world

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