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Hu Haoran: Weichai optimizes the powertrain to improve the performance of the whole vehicle

Hu Haoran: Weichai optimizes the powertrain to improve the performance of the whole vehicle

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recently, Dr. Hu Haoran, vice president and chief technical officer of Weichai Power, said that the optimization of the powertrain gives new hope to the improvement of the performance of the whole vehicle. According to the actual experience of commercial vehicle users, after selecting Weichai heavy truck powertrain, the power is significantly improved and the fuel consumption is significantly reduced

according to the analysis of Dr. Hu Haoran, with the continuous tightening of national emission regulations and the increasing demands of users on the cost pressure caused by the lightweight of vehicle cost, performance, fuel consumption and other aspects, higher requirements are put forward for modern heavy trucks. However, at present, the common mode of fighting among parts in the industry cannot form a joint force to support the whole vehicle to obtain the best performance. A single operation mode has been difficult to adapt to the development of the modern industry. In particular, in recent years, the technologies such as intelligent driving of the whole vehicle and intelligent control of the powertrain have made great progress, and the relationship between parts and components, and between the assembly and the whole vehicle has become closer and closer, There is an urgent need to combine the upstream and downstream of the industry through bottom-up or top-down integration, so as to better achieve the matching between various systems, form a joint force step by step, reduce costs and improve performance. Many excellent commercial vehicle groups, such as Daimler Benz and Volvo, have vertical industrial chain resources of complete vehicles, powertrain and parts from top to bottom. The recent cooperation between man and Scania to develop their own transmission also fully illustrates this problem

advantages of powertrain

according to the introduction of Dr. huhaoran, powertrain is the core of commercial vehicles. The power, economy, comfort, cost, reliability, safety and environmental protection of the whole vehicle are related to powertrain. Through the integrated development of intelligent matching, the communication and collaborative intelligent control of all sub assemblies, the power assembly can realize the microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine, which is your better choice for optimizing the performance of the whole vehicle, and make all parts have a unified management system. On the basis of improving product quality, the production, procurement, maintenance and after-sales service are more guaranteed, which can minimize the whole life-cycle cost of the whole vehicle, Bring more economic benefits to customers

specifically, in terms of improving the vehicle performance, during the integrated development of powertrain, intelligent matching technology is used to make the selection and matching of engine, gearbox and drive axle more reasonable, and the market competitiveness will be further improved. On the basis of improving the vehicle power performance, the comprehensive fuel consumption of the vehicle can be effectively reduced; Using thermal management, CFD simulation technology and powertrain NVH optimization technology can greatly improve the comfort of the whole vehicle; Through the communication and cooperation of intelligent control subsystems, the service life of the powertrain can be significantly improved and the reliability of the whole vehicle can be improved

the power assembly can enable each component to have a unified management system and formulate practical and effective capacity guarantee measures according to market demand. Through the production information management, the real-time monitoring of the production system can be realized, which can improve the product consistency and product quality of the powertrain; By establishing a maintenance and after-sales service guarantee system, we can effectively solve various problems of customers, improve maintenance quality and after-sales service, and enhance customer satisfaction; By integrating resources, unifying prices, unifying production management, unifying product transportation routes and transportation companies, and optimizing the procurement system of various parts of assembly products, the production and procurement costs of assembly products can be reduced

the reduction of fuel consumption, the continuous rise of the 4-day maritime market, the improvement of quality, and the guarantee of maintenance and after-sales service have greatly reduced the customer's use, maintenance and repair costs, thus reducing the whole vehicle life-cycle cost and bringing more economic benefits to customers. Therefore, the advantage of power assembly has become the core competitive advantage of the enterprise

Weichai is the "first enterprise to eat crabs"

Dr. Hu Haoran pointed out that Weichai is one of the first enterprises to build the core competitiveness of powertrain in the industry. As early as 2005, Weichai absorbed and merged Hunan torch, integrated the advantageous resources in the vertical industrial chain, and set sail with the vision of "building an international enterprise group with the core technology of powertrain and the guidance of finished vehicles, and developing into an important pole of the unique global equipment manufacturing industry"

with the most complete R & D and manufacturing system of commercial vehicle diesel engine, transmission and drive axle in China, Weichai has the strength and heritage to achieve this goal

as the most influential heavy-duty engine brand in China, Weichai Power engine has long ranked first in the industry in terms of market share, strong R & D strength, sound talent team, complete product series, vehicle engine displacement from 2L to 13L, and has successively established five R & D centers in Weifang, Shanghai, Yangzhou, Hangzhou and Chongqing in China, with R & D institutions in the United States, France, Germany and Italy

fastex, a subsidiary of Weichai, ranks first in the world in terms of production and sales of heavy-duty transmission, accounting for nearly 80% of the domestic heavy-duty vehicle market. Its R & D and test capabilities rank first in China. In 2010, fast established a technology research institute, built a domestic leading and international first-class high-level product laboratory, and has a research and development technology team of 600 people; In may2011, it established a joint venture with caterpillar to produce a full range of automotive automatic transmissions

the hande axle under Weichai is the flagship enterprise with the most scientific and technological content in the domestic axle industry, integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. Various series of axle assemblies have been batch equipped with China's heavy military off-road vehicles and commercial vehicles of domestic well-known heavy truck enterprises. It has a national axle assembly test center and a matching trial production workshop. It has strong R & D strength and a 200 person R & D technical team

at present, Weichai has a modern test center with complete functions, including a five axis powertrain assembly test bench, a complete vehicle drum test bench, a high-pressure common rail oil pump test bench, a three high environment test cabin, a CVS full flow test system, a tilt test bench, a friction test machine, a transmission test bench, a drive axle fatigue test bench, a transmission test bench, etc., which can carry out the tests of powertrain assembly, engine, transmission Test of drive axle and other parts. It has a complete pilot workshop and 83 sets of pilot equipment, all of which are world-class manufacturing equipment; The high-quality powertrain development team composed of nearly 300 engineers has rich experience in product development and engineering

the blueprint of the powertrain is on the paper. By combining the technical advantages of European R & D center, AVL vehicle R & D center and well-known experts in the vehicle industry at home and abroad, and concentrating the technical elites of Weichai, fastex and hande axle, Weichai launched the first batch of domestic commercial vehicle special powertrain systems at the end of 2007 at a cost of more than 20million yuan. After strict matching test and demonstration, the data in all aspects are outstanding in terms of power, economy Reliability and other aspects can be called the best power system solution in the domestic automotive industry

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