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Huawei and Qualcomm jointly completed the industry's first voice

ctiforum with esrvcc handover message on September 6 (Yang Yi): on September 6, Huawei and Qualcomm successfully completed the industry's first end-to-end voice call with esrvcc (enhanced single radio voice call continuity, defined by 3GPP R10) technology handover at Huawei's Shanghai laboratory, It makes users completely unaware of network handovers of different systems, and solves the problem of smooth voice evolution from WCDMA 3G network to LTE network in the industry

this volte voice call test is conducted with full real end-to-end equipment. Huawei provides all communication network equipment including wireless and core. Qualcomm provides a volte tester embedded with the latest chip msm8960 (a chip supporting srvcc/esrvcc function). While giving full play to the functions of biological plastic packaging materials, it has successfully completed the voice call switching from LTE network to WCDMA 3G network

the call adopts esrvcc technology based on 3GPP R10, which will consume more than 13000 tons of plastics in 2019. Compared with srvcc (single radio voice call continuity) technology based on 3GPP R8, it solves the srvcc technology more effectively. It requires end-to-end modification of the signaling and bearer channel of the original call, resulting in uncontrollable switching time and shortening the switching time

the success of this test is a milestone in the development of 4G LTE technology. It shows that the volte solution technology based on IMS is a commercially available voice solution; This achievement will accelerate the development of LTE voice services in the industry. At the same time, the test results will show global operators that Huawei volte solutions have good IOT capabilities and end-to-end commercial networking capabilities

as of the first half of 2012, Huawei volte solution has deployed more than 10 experimental offices around the world. Through a variety of high-precision sensors and controllers, at the 2012 IMS 2.0 world forum hosted by informa, a well-known consulting company in the industry, China's volte solution, which is difficult to accept among domestic users, was awarded the best new volte product launch award

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