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Exquisite handmade locks, Enrico Cassina Italian locks - yourong Italian home

the former locks are simple and exquisite, which is a beautiful scenery on the door. It not only locks the door, but also locks time, love, stories, blessings

lock, originally the most common utensil in life, was carved with exquisite patterns and blessing words by the ancients with exquisite craftsmanship, which made it have countless beautiful symbols

1946, Alfredo Porro transformed his seminar into official meccaniche Porro, turning the exquisite craft laboratory into an enterprise, but never lost its tradition of manual craft, and still used manual technology in the whole manufacturing process, especially in the ad-hoc department

the third generation of the Polo family, Fabio, Donata and Paola, have been giving great support. In order to thank for meeting the special requirements of each customer, they have also updated the production facilities

our products integrate quality, enthusiasm for craftsmanship and aesthetics. They represent the advanced technology of the country and the excellent quality of Italy, and meet the different needs of all customers

a family, a relationship, a person... May every lock opened in the old days open a dusty memory




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