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If you don't have time and experience in decoration, you may think of choosing the all inclusive decoration method, but some people may not be at ease in terms of cost and product quality. They are afraid that the decoration company will tamper with some large main materials and put some products with poor quality and high price at home. In this case, half package decoration is a good choice for you

explanation of terms: what is half package decoration? the so-called half package decoration refers to that the decoration company contracts the construction of the whole decoration project and the purchase of some decoration materials, such as some kinds of miscellaneous auxiliary materials with low value that the owners do not understand, while some main materials with high value are purchased by the owners themselves

the advantage of this decoration method is that the main materials with high value can be purchased by themselves, which can control the bulk of the cost, prevent being set by some decoration companies with poor reputation, and can be purchased according to their own preferences. In terms of quality, they can also be more relaxed if they are purchased by themselves, and it can save a lot of worry if they are handed over to the decoration company with some complex and incomprehensible auxiliary materials. Therefore, this decoration method of "focusing on the large and letting go of the small" has also become the choice of more and more decoration friends. If you want to know more about this decoration method and be more at ease when operating, you might as well take a look at the rest assured half package 20 steps we have prepared for you below

I. preparation stage:

1. Learn to select decoration companies with good reputation and qualified construction team

half package decoration is responsible for purchasing main materials by themselves, but because of this, once there is a problem, the decoration company is likely to shift the responsibility to the quality of the main materials purchased by the owner, so choose a decoration company with good reputation and qualified quality, It is the first and most important step for the successful decoration

★ suggestions:

1) consult relatives, friends or colleagues who have decoration experience around. Understand more accurate decoration company reputation

2) when selecting a decoration company, the construction team is a very important consideration. When determining the decoration company, we should not only identify the company and the construction team leader, but also identify the person if possible

3) it's best to choose the contractor who is a carpenter, because if he doesn't work, he will not only take part of your wages, but also he may be responsible for several other construction sites, and he can't know your construction situation in time

4) decoration construction is skilled work. Generally speaking, it is difficult to do a good job without more than four years of experience. It is best to have worked in Shanghai for many years, because the construction requirements may vary from place to place

2. Learn to determine the design scheme

when determining the design scheme, you should communicate with the designer more, and try to reach a consensus with the designer's suggestions

★ suggestions:

1) decoration design is the soul of the whole decoration project. Remember that only the design close to the actual needs of your family is a good design, and a good plan can be used for reference, but don't copy it. Looking at a beautiful design in someone else's home and taking it to your home may not be appropriate. Building a home that conforms to your own personality is the most important

2) when identifying the design scheme, we should avoid complex functions, flashy, which is not only a waste of money but also difficult to clean. Everything should be based on our own actual affordability and the actual living conditions of our families

3. Measure the field area and treat the design effect drawing correctly. After the scheme is basically finalized, the decoration company will send people to the room you are going to decorate to make field measurements. After obtaining the relevant specific data, it will make a detailed construction drawing and design effect drawing consistent with the scheme

★ suggestions:

1) after the decoration company reports the measurement data, it is best for the owner to retest and check it himself to prevent him from tampering with the consumption of specific materials and labor costs

2) after determining the measured area, refer to the article "calculator of common decoration materials" on this website to basically determine the amount of building materials required

4. Make a proper budget of main materials by yourself

before the decoration company makes a budget, the owner had better make a budget table of main materials according to his actual situation to avoid serious overspending at that time

★ suggestions:

1) in order to prevent some things from being neglected when making the budget table, it is best to make a plan, list the materials, varieties, quantities, psychological prices, etc. required in the decoration according to the determined design scheme, and then take this budget to the market to see the goods, focus on the relevant goods, and make records of models, prices, etc

2) because the main materials are closely related to their future real life and have a high utilization rate, it is best to choose some stores and building materials markets with good reputation

5. Learn to correctly measure and determine the decoration company




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