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Although the customized home furnishing industry is an industry with relatively low access threshold, it is indeed a great challenge for customized home furnishing enterprises to obtain large-scale development, form a user-centered, and coordinate multi-layer relationships such as home furnishing products, interior decoration, overall layout of houses, and design. Therefore, in order to break through the annual sales target and ensure good products and services to customers, customized home furnishing enterprises need to make a precise layout in marketing channels. Refinement is the development trend of home furnishing brands, and the whole house customized furniture brand Deville

at present, the marketing mode of domestic customized home furnishings is still dominated by dealers. According to the distribution number and characteristics of cities at different levels in China, brand home furnishing enterprises need to open about 3000 stores to achieve better channel coverage. At present, it is difficult to judge whether the dealer model or the direct store model will prevail in the future: on the one hand, the direct store model is conducive to enterprises to enjoy the high gross profit margin of terminal channels; But on the other hand, enterprises also need to bear the operating costs of terminal stores. From the long-term development path of overseas customized home furnishing enterprises, the diversification and refinement of channels is the main trend of home furnishing brand development

strengthen cooperation with home decoration companies and real estate companies to diversify channels

at present, the agency and distribution channels of the home furnishing industry are gradually declining in the circulation channels of many international home furnishing brands. At present, household distribution channels account for about 80% - 90% in China, and the proportion of direct sales is in single digits, and there are few bulk channels cooperating with home decoration or real estate companies. Among the financial reports of several listed brands in the first quarter, only Sofia has made a difference in major channels. With the cooperation between Sofia and Evergrande real estate, the proportion of these channels will surely increase rapidly. Therefore, industry insiders believe that in the future, China's customization enterprises still have a lot of room to expand in the field of home decoration companies, large-scale cooperation in real estate modules and direct experience stores

refined management of marketing channels has become the core competitiveness of household enterprises to seize market share

at present, refined marketing management continues to become the core competitiveness of household brand leaders to seize market share. Only the growth of the same store can make the leading enterprises accelerate and continue to grow. In this regard, household enterprises that have done well have emerged. Hansen, a representative enterprise of customized home furnishings, divides the organizational structure of the division by channels, and makes use of existing resources to carry out refined marketing; IKEA terminal creates the ultimate experience, high Ping effect & Supply chain closed loop achieves high profitability; MUJI products are customized stores for different types of consumers, and the channel is deeply cultivated with the combination of more than 7000 categories to improve the customer unit price and repurchase rate. These can give some operational enlightenment to Chinese household people

in a word, the diversification and refinement of channels will become the main trend of customized home sales channels in the future. As for the specific types of channels that will account for a larger proportion, home brand enterprises need to make specific divisions according to their own positioning and current resources. However, it is undeniable that in the future, the sales channels of customized household brands must be integrated

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