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After several years of rapid development, although the growth rate of the kitchen electricity industry is better than the overall performance of the home appliance market, according to relevant data, at present, the growth momentum of the kitchen electricity market has slowed down. In such an environment, many home appliance manufacturers and agents have begun to consciously reduce investment, but some agents have always held a positive attitude, continued to invest human and material resources, do a good job in marketing and promotion, and enhance service awareness. Long Xiaoling, a distributor of Cohen kitchen appliances in Guilin, Guangxi, is a typical representative

president long joined Cohen in April, 2013 and became a regional distributor of Cohen in Guilin, Guangxi. At present, he has operated Cohen stores for 6 years. When he first chose to enter the kitchen appliance industry and become a dealer of Cohen appliances, President long not only made a detailed analysis of the future market trend, but also investigated and investigated various kitchen appliance brands in the market. And finally choose Cohen appliances, President long said frankly: "first, we are very optimistic about the market prospect of Cohen brand. Cohen's full range of products conform to the current trend of kitchen appliances, but also conform to the aesthetic outlook of modern home life. Whether the products have market advantages is the core competitiveness of a brand, especially the innovation of products; second, the overall strength of the company. Cohen has provided great support to dealers in technology, training, channels and so on."

word of mouth needs to be publicized, and brands also need to be advertised. In addition to the transfer orders of regular customers, with the support of various advertising subsidy policies of Cohen headquarters, President long also focused on outdoor advertising in major residential areas, and regularly held promotional activities in the residential areas, which not only promoted sales, but also expanded the popularity and influence of Cohen brand in the local area. Nowadays, local consumers also recognize Cohen's brand and products very much. From the beginning of business to now, we have been down-to-earth, step by step to build up our reputation, serve every customer well, and bring healthy, environmental friendly and efficient Cohen kitchen products to thousands of households. This is the result we most want to see

keen sense of market, positive energy initiative, careful way of thinking, rigorous attitude, I think this is why long can operate Cohen kitchen appliances for 6 years





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