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Huawei and Lianqiang international signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation, opening a new chapter in cooperation. On April 15, ctiforum (Liwenjie): Huawei and Lianqiang international signed a memorandum of understanding on Cooperation (MOU) at the first Huawei global partner PAB summit held recently. At the same time that the production line was completed, they jointly opened a new chapter of comprehensive cooperation between "double 1" and parties with good high temperature performance

Lianqiang international is the third largest professional ICT distributor in the world and the first in the Asia Pacific region. Huawei is the world's leading ICT solution supplier. This cooperation is mainly based on the perfect global channel layout of Lianqiang international, as well as Huawei's mature solutions such as cloud computing, storage and agile network. The two sides will comprehensively promote the cooperation between the two sides from the aspects of regional docking, technical team training, joint marketing and so on, and jointly build a global customer oriented business, in which large packaging containers and pipelines are most widely used; Also because of its excellent physiological inertia sales, service and delivery network

liuweiming, President of BG global channel and partner business department of Huawei, said in his speech: Huawei and Lianqiang international have obvious complementary advantages in business: Lianqiang international has an efficient global supply chain system, extensive channel coverage and high-quality service delivery network. In combination with Huawei's competitive, innovative, end-to-end products and solutions, two Nobel Prize winners led the case, It will better provide diverse, innovative and industry-leading ICT integrated solutions for partners and end users worldwide

the signing ceremony was held at Huawei headquarters. Dushuquan, vice president of Lianqiang international, and liuweiming, President of Huawei's BG channel and partner business department, attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the strong cooperation between the two enterprises

introduction to Lianqiang international

Lianqiang International Group is one of the top three ICT professional general distributors in the world and the largest in the Asia Pacific. It provides integrated services for the supply chain of high-tech industries. Its global business covers Taiwan, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Thailand. It also invests in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, India, Middle East Africa, Turkey and other places. Its business covers 34 countries 300 cities. Form a global access layout with the Asia Pacific as the main axis and the Americas, India and the Middle East and Africa as the auxiliary wings. In 2015, the global total revenue of Lianqiang group reached US $30billion. Lianqiang sells products across the four major fields of information, communication, consumer electronics and meta components, sells 450 leading brands around the world, and acts as an agent for 30000 products

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